Below is a select list of relevant publications by network members

New publications

Davies, M.I.J. Folorunso, C.A., Kipruto, T.K., M’Mbogori, F.N., Moore, H.L., Orijemie, E.A. and Schoeman, A.2017. The ‘useable’ archaeology of recent African farming systems: comparative and collaborative perspectives from East (Marakwet), West (Tiv) and South (Bokoni) Africa. pp. 1-32. In Esterhuysen, A., Sadr, K. and Sievers, C. eds. African archaeology without frontiers: papers from the 14th PanAfrican Archaeological Congress. Johannesburg, Witts University Press. Download book for free.

Davies, M.I.J. and Moore, H.L. 2016. Landscape, time and cultural resilience: a brief history of the agricultural Pokot and Marakwet. Journal of Eastern African Studies.

Davies, M.I.J. Kipruto, T.K. and Moore, H.L. 2014. Revisiting the irrigated agricultural landscape of the Marakwet, Kenya: tracing local technology and knowledge over the recent past. Azania: archaeological research in Africa 49: 486 – 523. 

Davies, M.I.J., Dupeyron, A. and Moore, H.L. 2014. Mobile Internet technologies and the possibilities for public archaeology in Africa: Marakwet, Kenya. Antiquity project gallery 88, 340.

Major publications

Davies, M.I.J. and M’Mbogori, F.N. (eds). 2013. Humans and the environment: new archaeological perspectives for the 21st century. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Delius, P. and Schoeman, M. 2010. Guest editors. Special Issue: History and Archaeology in Conversation – South Africa meets East Africa Workshop. African Studies 69(2).

Folorunso, C.A. 2008. Interrogating the Nigerian Cultural Landscape, Inaugural Lectures Series, University of Ibadan Publishing House.

French, C. 2003. Geoarchaeology in Action: Studies in soil micromorphology and landscape evolution. London: Routledge

Jones M. 2007. Feast: why humans share food. Oxford University Press.

Moore, H.L.M. 2011. Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions. Cambridge: Polity Press

Moore, H.L.M. 1986. Space, Text, and Gender: an anthropological study of the Marakwet of Kenya, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Selected relevant papers

Coetzee, T. and Schoeman, M.H. 2011. Mapping trade in Bokoni. The Digging Stick 28(1): 7-10.

Davies, M.I.J. 2014. The temporality of landesque capital: farming and the routines of Pokot life. pp. 172-196. In Håkansson, T. and Widgren, M. (eds). Landesque capital: the historical ecology of enduring landscape modifications. Left Coast Press, Historical Ecology series.

Davies, M.I.J. 2013. Forced moves or just good moves? Environmental decision making among Pokot farmers, northwest Kenya. In Davies, M.I.J. and M’Mbogori, F.N.(eds). Humans and the environment: new archaeological approaches for the 21st century. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Davies, M.I.J. 2012. Some thoughts on a ‘useable’ African archaeology: settlement, population and intensive farming among the Pokot of northwest Kenya. African archaeological review 29:319-353.

Davies, M.I.J. 2010. A view from the East: an interdisciplinary ‘historical ecology’ approach to a contemporary agricultural landscape in Northwest Kenya. African studies 69:279-297.

Davies, M.I.J. 2008. The irrigation system of the Pokot, northwest Kenya. Azania43:50-76.

Delius, P. and Schoeman, M.H. 2008. Revisiting Bokoni: populating the stone ruins of the Mpumalanga Escarpment. In: Swanepoel, N., Esterhuysen, A., & Bonner, P. (eds) Five Hundred Years Rediscovered: Southern African Precedents and Prospect, 500 Years Initiative 2007 Conference Proceedings: 135-167. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.

Delius, P. and Schoeman, M.H. 2010. Reading the rocks and reviewing red herrings. African Studies 69: 235-254.

Delius, P., Maggs, T. and Schoeman, M.H. 2012. Bokoni: Old structures, new paradigms?  Rethinking pre-colonial society from the perspective of the stone-walled sites in Mpumalanga.  Journal of Southern African Studies 38: 399-414.

Folorunso, C.A. 2005. Archaeology of Tiv Settlements in the Benue Valley and Implications for the History of Bantu Homeland. In Akinwunmi Ogundiran (ed.) Precolonial Nigeria: Essays in Honor of  Toyin Falola, pp. 173-186. Treton NY, African World Press.

Folorunso, C.A.  (2003) Exploring Gender in Tiv Material Culture: Ethno-archaeology in the Katsina-Ala Valley, Studies in the African Past 3:155-168.

Folorunso, C.A. 1998. The Compound of the Tiv of Benue State of Nigeria: the reality of Ethnoarchaeology. In Africa: The Challenge of Archaeology. Eds. B.W. Andah, M.A. Sowunmi, A.I. Okpoko and C.A. Folorunso, pp. 235-255. Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Plc.

Folorunso, C.A. and Ogundele S.O. 1993. Agriculture and settlement among the Tiv of Nigeria: some ethnoarchaeological observations. In The Archaeology of Africa’ Eds. T. Shaw, P. Sinclair, B.W. Andah and A.I. Okpoko, pp. 274-288. One World Archaeology, Routledge, London & New York.

Folorunso, C.A. 1993. Peuple et cultures de la vallée de la Bénoué. In Vallée du Nigerpp. 203-211. Editions de la réunion des musées nationaux, Paris.

Folorunso, C.A. 1993. Ethnoarchaeology, its methods and practice: some Tiv examples. West African Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 23: 92-103.

Folorunso, C.A. 1993. Le corridor Bénué-Tchad: perspective archéologiques. Developpements et contacts socio-culturels et politique. In Vallée du Niger, pp. 116-125. Editions de la réunion des musées nationaux, Paris.

French, C. 2010. People, society and landscapes. Science 328, 443-4

French C., Sulas F. and Madella M. 2009. New geoarchaeological investigations of the valley systems in the Aksum area of northern Ethiopia. CATENA 78, 218–33.

Jones M., Hunt H., Lightfoot E., Lister D., Liu X. and Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute G. 2011. Food globalization in prehistory. World Archaeology, 43(4), 665-675.

Moore, H.L.M. and Davies,  M.I.J. 2012. The Marakwet Community Heritage Mapping Project: Report on the second season of fieldwork. McDonald Institute.

Moore, H.L.M.and Davies,  M.I.J. 2011. The Marakwet Community Heritage Mapping Project: Report on the first season of fieldwork. McDonald Institute.

Orijemie, E.A. and Sowunmi, M.A. (forthcoming). Humans and the Mangrove in Southern Nigeria. In (Eds.) C. J. Stevens, S. Nixon, M. Anne-Murray and D. Q. Fuller, The Archaeology of African Plant Use. Chapter Nine, pp103-112.

Orijemie, E.A. 2012. In search of Owu’s Original Homeland. Nigerian Journal of Archaeology 1: 41-57.

Orijemie, E.A., Ogunfolakan A., Aleru, J.O. and Sowunmi, M.A. 2010. The archaeology and palynology of Ajaba, a late iron-age settlement, north-east Yoruba land, Nigeria: some preliminary results. BAR International series 2164:103-116.


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